Ultimate Puff - Candy Drops

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100ml shortfill comes with 2 x nicotine shots making it 3mg.



When you choose the 2 x 100ml for £35 option please write your choices in the Seller notes - you can choose any 100ml bottle from any range. Please check website availability before ordering.



Strawberry Melon - Tantalise your taste buds with our irresistible sweet strawberry combined with a subtle but well balanced melon sensation!

Watermelon & Cherry - Tantalise your taste buds with our irresistible cherry and watermelon sensation!

Lemon & Sour Apple - The teeny, tiny, tangy candy in lemon and sour apple for a classic candy flavour!

Lemonade & Cherry - Quench your thirst and enjoy this refreshing cherry lemonade with a mouth-watering tangy finish!

Rainbow - Experience the whole spectrum of flavours and colours with the legendary rainbow american candy!

Grape & Strawberry - An explosion of the juiciest grapes and fresh strawberries for the perfect tangy pick-me-up!