TWO TWO 6 Bubblemix

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50ml shortfill comes with a nicotine shot making it 3mg.



When you choose the 2 for £25 option please write your choices in the Seller notes - you can choose any 50ml bottle from any range. Please check website availability before ordering.



Fruity Juicy mixed summer fruits balanced with a bang of berries and burst of bubblegum to deliver a superb all day vape!

Grape Grape Bubblegum is a mixture of sweet and sour flavours. The dark, fruity taste of grape are present throughout, whilst a light yet balancing bubblegum creates an overall layered vape all day, every day.

Spearmint A cool Spearmint flavour that leaves an amazingly fresh taste in your mouth along with a burst of delicious bubblegum thrown in for good measure. A must have for bubblegum and spearmint fans alike.

Blue Slush This mouth-watering blue slushie bubblegum flavour is the perfect refreshment for a hot day, along with that added extra bursting bubblegum twang.

Sherbet Sherbet Bubblegum combines fizz and bubblegum for a bursting candy vape. The taste that balances sweet and sharp notes, creating a complex flavour that’ll keep you wanting more.

Tropical - This mouth-watering tropical bubblegum flavour is the perfect refreshment for a hot day, tropical citrus fruits that will make your mouth water along with a well balanced bubblegum note that brings this flavour into it’s own.