Swivel Craft Coils by Benjamin South

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Introducing Swivel Craft coils at {Mr VP} Vape Shop, handcrafted by the very talented Benjamin South.


Available in pairs, the ohms stated are as a pair.


Aliens - 3x28ga/36ga n80 0.3mm ID 0.16ohms

Aliens - 3x28ga/36ga KA1 0.3mm ID 0.2ohms

Quad Aliens - 4x28ga/36ga n80 0.3mm ID 0.12ohms

Staggered Fused Claptons - 2x26ga/38ga n80 0.3mm ID 0.16ohms

Mini Staggertons - 6x0.3mm KA1 ribbon 2x28ga/40ga n80 0.3mm ID 0.15ohms

Staples - 10x0.3mm KA1 ribbon/40ga n80 0.3mm ID 0.15ohms

Fraliens - 6x0.3mm KA1 ribbon 2x28ga/38ga n80 0.3mm ID 0.13ohms

Mini Fraliens - 6x0.3mm KA1 ribbon 2x30ga/38ga n80 0.3mm ID 0.15ohms